Most projects in the international youth field are carried out under the guidance of two programs:

Youth in Action (, which is carried out under the guidance of the Movit National Agency. The program is aimed at young people aged 15 to 29. Active participation in various actions helps young people to gain different informal skills and knowledge, to learn other cultures and from young people from foreign countries.

European Solidarity Unit, a new European Union initiative that allows young people to volunteer work or participate in projects in their own country or abroad for the benefit of communities and people across Europe. The European Solidarity Unit is aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 30. Projects within the framework of the European Solidarity Unit last from two months to one year, and are normally carried out in the EU Member States.

We have many years of experience in our center with:

  • hosting volunteers from abroad within the framework of the European Voluntary Service and the European Solidarity Unit,
  • hosting and leaving young people from the local environment to international youth exchanges,
  • organizing and conducting international seminars, and trainings,
  • counseling and assistance in applying for international projects,
  • We are also involved in the international network Youthnetworks, where information on all youth projects abroad, which were carried out within the framework of the Youth in Action Program, is collected.

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